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 Ichibi no Shukaku

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PostSubject: Ichibi no Shukaku   Sat Jun 06, 2009 7:30 pm


Tail Number: Ichi or One
Type: Tanuki or Raccoon Dog
Imbued Within: ???
Symbolic Element: Wind
Ability: Sandstorms, has the control of Wind and Sand. Can make near impossible to penetrate shields
Shukaku is one of the most blood thirsty of the bijuu, he is known to haunt his containers refusing them sleep and driving them into madness with his taunts and blood lust. Seeking a way to create a ninja with a large amount of chakra that would be an unstoppable machine.


1. + 500 Chakra and Stamina (Shukaku is actually fused with the user not sealed)


1. Sand jutsus cannot block water or lighting jutsu.


Sabaku Kyuu (Desert Coffin) - The Jinchūriki uses chakra to engulf an opponent completely in sand, immobilizing them and sometimes suffocating them. The Jinchūriki has one hand performing the hand seals, and the other is out extended in front of him/her, open. Him/her usually follows this jutsu up with the deadly Sabaku Sousou.

Sabaku Sousou (Desert Funeral) - The follow-up to Sabaku Kyuu, this makes the sand around an opponent implode and compact together, crushing their body and resulting in instant death. There is almost no way to escape the technique, especially if immobilized by Sabaku Kyuu. When the Jinchūriki has his palm open during Sabaku Kyuu, he/she closes it sharply to perform Sabaku Sousou, almost as if imitating the contracting motion of the sand.

Sabaku Rou (Desert Prison) - A huge mass of sand rushes out to imprison the enemy. Sabaku Rou is HUGE--it looks almost like the Shukaku's claw, in fact.

Suna no Tate (Shield of Sand) - The automatic sand shield that acts independant of the Jinchūriki's will. Whenever her/she is danger of harm, it flicks up to guard him/her from damage. It can withstand nearly any standard attack, whether it be shuriken projectiles, needles, or even explosions. It has been defeated by Lee's high-speed taijutsu, in which the sand shield can't keep up.

Suna no Yoroi (Armor of Sand) - The armor of sand is an extremely thin, but dense layer of sand that lies directly on the Jinchūriki skin, protecting him/her should the Suna no Tate fail to protect him/her. However, this requires an immense of chakra to compact the sand together, and it slows the user down as a result of the extra weight. Thus, the Jinchūriki only uses it unless he/she absolutely has to. But the effectiveness of the jutsu is undeniable--it can more often than not render an attack absolutely useless. It's also why the Jinchūriki appears 'cracked' when he/she gets attacked.

Suna Bunshin (Sand Doppelganger) - The Jinchūriki's version of the Kage Bunshin, he/she creates a doppelganger out of sand. This is another one of the Jinchūriki's many defensive techniques to keep him/herself unharmed. Interestingly, the sand clone can move just as flexibly as a real human.

Ryuusa Bakuryuu (Quicksand Waterfall) - The Jinchūriki manipulates sand so it acts like a massive tidal wave or water fall. This jutsu uses and somehow procures an immense amount of sand--it literally is a 'sea of sand'. It also uses up a lot of chakra.

Sabaku Taisou (Imperial Desert Funeral) - The counterpart to Ryuusa Bakuryuu, the Jinchūriki compacts the huge amount of sand created by the former technique in a style similar to that of Sabaku Sousou. As one might expect, quite a damaging jutsu.

Sabaku Fuyuu (Desert Suspension) - The Jinchūriki uses sand to levitate himself in the air. He/she can also levitate a sphere-shaped shield of sand in the air. This shield, probably sourced from his/her automatic sand shield, is extremely quick.

Suna Shigure (Sand Drizzle) - The Jinchūriki rains sand down on his/her opponent from above, and an alternative way to lead up to Sabaku Sousou. The wide range of this jutsu can coat the entire area in sand, which gives the Jinchūriki the ability to attack from nearly everywhere.

Daisan no Me (Third Eye) - An eye made out of sand. Somehow, the sand condenses to form what looks like a perfectly normal eyeball (as normal as a socket-less eyeball gets, at least). It 'spies' for the Jinchūriki when he/she is enclosed within his sand-sphere defense shield.

Tanuki Neiri no Jutsu (Feigning Sleep Technique) - The Jinchūriki uses this jutsu to force sleep upon him/herself, thus allowing the Shukaku to take over his/her body and personality. If an opponent breaks the spell of sleep, the Shukaku is sealed back into the Jinchūriki once again.

Saikou Zettai Bougyo: Shukaku no Tate (Extremely Hard Ultimate Defense: Shield of Shukaku) - A highly effective, but high-chakra technique in which the Jinchūriki summons a shield resembling the Shukaku to defend him/herself.

Mugen Sajin Daitoppa (Wind Element, Infinite Sand Storm) A huge cloud of sand blown at high speed, enough to knock the opponent off his feet. The Jinchūriki uses this when partially transformed.
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Ichibi no Shukaku
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