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 Kyuubi no Kitsune

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PostSubject: Kyuubi no Kitsune   Sat Jun 06, 2009 8:06 pm

Tail Number: Kyu or Nine
Type: Fox
Imbued Within: Naruto Uzumaki
Symbolic Element: Fire
Ability: Fire, wind, earth, and water element attacks, Flaming claws, massive strength, near unlimited power.
This is a bijuu in the shape of a nine-tailed fox, and the strongest of them all. The reason he is so powerful is simple: Kyuubi has an unlimited amount of power, earning him the “King of Bijuu” title. Because he has never been defeated by any youkai, his total strength is unable to estimate. His tails create cyclones by spinning quickly, and Kyuubi proceeds to rip his enemies with his huge claws. At the same time his fur may shoot fireballs similar to meteorites endlessly, instantly destroying villages.


1. + 500 Stamina
2. 2x damage in taijutsus and fire jutsu
3. + 100 Health




Angry Burst Of Power
Art: -
Rank: -
Type: Power Up
Range: Any
Health: 50
Damage: Boosts 200 Chakra
Description: The Users eye will turn red and a big burst of Red chakra will engulf the user with the kyuubi's power
Limit: Only Twice in a battle.
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Kyuubi no Kitsune
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