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 Health, and Chakra and Stamina Guide

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PostSubject: Health, and Chakra and Stamina Guide   Sat Jun 06, 2009 9:56 pm

Academy Students/E Rank Outlaw:
Academy Students are young ninjas whom primarily focus on studying basic ninja techniques. Since they are usually quite inexperienced and weak, they are not included in the ninja workforce. The requirement to graduate from each academy varies in each village.
Health: 50/50
Chakra: 50/50

Genin/D Rank Outlaw:
Entry level ranked ninjas are called Genin and are basically peon servants. They attain a metal forehead protector after graduating from the academy into a Genin. Much of the missions assigned to Genin are D-ranked, meaning that it's mere labor work and combat is rarely ever involved.
Health: 200/200
Chakra: 200/200

Chunin/C Rank Outlaw:
Only exceptional ninjas who are able to pass the Chuunin Exam judged by the Kages are allowed to become Chuunins. Chuunins are often assigned higher level ranked missions. They are easily distinguished by their thick, green vest fancying stylish scroll pouches.
Health: 500/500
Chakra: 500/500

Jonin/B Rank Outlaw:
Elite ninjas showing incredible skills are given a Jounin ranking, meaning that they are eligible for high ranked missions such as assassination. Many Jounins lead a group of three Genins and assists them on their missions, preparing them for the Chuunin Exam. They act as a teacher and guidance counselor.
Health: 800/800
Chakra: 800/800

Sannin/A Rank Outlaw:
Ninjas who possess unmatched strength and skill are ranked right below that of a Kage. A maximum of three Sannin per village are appointed by each Kage. Sannins no longer wear forehead protectors or vests, in order to blend in with common civilians. They are emitted to perform dangerous S-Class missions.
Health: 1,000/1,000
Chakra: 1,000/1000

Kage/S Rank Outlaw:
Each village has a single Kage, who is the strongest of all ninjas and the political figurehead whom represents the village. Duties include assigning missions, judging the Chuunin and Jounin Exams, acting as a battle strategist, and finally protecting the city.
Health: 2,000/2,000
Chakra: 2,000/2,000

Advanced ninjas who are able to carefully focus their chakra. Thus, enabling them with various medicinal healing techniques. When a Medical-Nin is added to a group, the chance of unnecessary deaths is dramatically reduced.
Health: 500/500
Chakra: 500/500

Elite military squads who enforce vigilance and justice are called ANBU. These guys are incredibly talented and specialize in assassination, investigation, and protection. They are distinguished by their animal mask and silver vest. Think of them as police with ninja skills!
Health: 800/800
Chakra: 800/800

These are bounty hunter ninjas who primarily specialize in tracking down vigilante criminal ninjas, otherwise known as Missing-Nins. They hold many secret abilities such as being able to completely deconstruct bodies, utterly destroying any secrets which they may hold.
Health: 900/900
Chakra: 900/900
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Health, and Chakra and Stamina Guide
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